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SMI Group's professionals have led multi-national companies and divisions with billions of dollars in annual revenues and thousands of employees, and also led, structured, negotiated or advised on more than $50 billion* of completed merger, acquisition, restructuring, financing, licensing and related transactions.  SMI group's professionals may have acted as a principal, senior executive, investment banker, attorney or other advisor for transactions described in the website.

*Transaction value as an estimate

Exceeds $50 billion*

SMI Group is a private Los Angeles-based management consultant, investment bank and registered investment advisor that participates in creating and building companies, joint ventures and other business opportunities. We lead or participate in guiding the strategy, business development and management of these businesses. We provide investment banking services for some of these businesses and other clients, with a focus on mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, other business combinations and dispositions, complex licenses, strategic investments and financings.


  • Our parent, SMI Group LLC (SMIG), creates businesses, business opportunities and strategic alliances globally, with a focus on North America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. SMIG also provides management and strategic advice to these businesses.


  • Our subsidiary, SMI Capital Markets LLC (SMI-CM), is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). SMI-CM provides licensed investment banking services in the United States, focused on mergers and acquisitions and private placements, particularly for strategic investments.


  • Our subsidiary, SMI Advisors LLC (SMI Advisors), is a registered investment advisor that provides a platform for managing funds and “funds-of-funds” that invest in other funds.


  • Directly and through our international collaborations, we participate in creating, acquiring and building businesses and business opportunities and provide strategic advice in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.


  • Through HanoverWest-SMI LLC, a collaboration between HanoverWest LLC and an affiliate of SMI Group, we have access to opportunities in Africa.  HanoverWest-SMI LLC provides advice to private and public sector clients, primarily in Africa.



In addition to our headquarters in Los Angeles, we and our strategic alliances have professionals in New York City, London, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto, Hamburg, Seattle and the Middle East.


SMI Group was formed by successful professionals with broad experience in creating, building, re-invigorating, managing and advising organizations to build value. Our senior professionals have led businesses ranging from multi-national corporations with thousands of employees to start-ups with fewer than 10 employees and have closed transactions with an aggregate value in excess of $50 billion and led or advised companies and projects with many billions of dollars of revenues and capital investment.


Transactions closed by our senior professionals include multi-billion-dollar acquisitions, mergers and financings for high-profile multi-national corporations, more modestly-sized transactions for start-ups, microcap and small cap companies, and real estate transactions of nearly every size and complexity.


Our senior professionals have served as managers and as directors and officers of the managers of a broad range of public and private businesses and investment funds in numerous sectors.


Our international scope is evident from the diversity and the breadth of our professionals and international collaborations:


  • Fewer than half of our professionals are focused on domestic transactions in the United States.  The majority of professionals are located outside the United States or travel extensively to develop and execute cross-border transactions, particularly in Asia, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.


  • The businesses led by SMI Group senior professionals have had substantial operations in the North America, Asia and Europe and additional activities throughout the world.


  • Based on information available to us, measured by U.S. dollar value, less than half of our professionals’ completed transactions were centered in North America, with the balance throughout Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.


  • Through our strategic alliances in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, we collaborate with business and financial professionals who have managed complex projects and advised on billions of dollars of projects throughout their regions.


Iconic companies and assets sold or acquired by our senior professionals include, among many others: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists, MGM Grand, Bally’s, Desert Inn (now Wynn Hotel), Sands (now, the Venetian), Dunes (now Bellagio), Earls Court/Olympia (largest exhibition center in London), MITEC (largest exhibition center in Malaysia), Metro Traffic Networks, Premiere Radio Networks and major infrastructure projects throughout Southeast Asia.


Other leading companies advised by our senior professionals for significant business initiatives or transactions include, among many others large and small: AT&T, British Telecom, Cable & Wireless, Dentsu Advertising, Deutsche Bank, Preferred Bank, Digital Equipment Corporation, Hewlett Packard, Netscape Communications Corporation, Novell Corporation, Westwood One, Resorts World, Reuters, Tata Group and Texas Instruments.


Click here for more information about transactions closed by our senior professionals.


Examples of our strong expertise in numerous sectors include:


  • Advertising, Entertainment, Gaming and Media: Our senior professionals and advisors have led and advised entertainment and media companies of nearly every size and function, ranging from major studios, to networks, production companies, distributors, broadcast stations, cable systems, hotels, casinos, advertising agencies, publishers and Internet start-ups. Our team has acted in nearly every capacity in these companies, including chairman, chief executive officer, attorney, investment banker, writer, producer, director and even performer and on-air talent. Our team has concluded many billions of dollars of complex transactions, financings and licensing arrangements for entertainment and media properties.


  • Real Estate: Our senior professionals have concluded real estate transactions totaling nearly $20 billion in value, and served as senior executives or senior project managers for projects exceeding an estimated additional $10 billion in value, including, among many others, major exhibition centers in the United Kingdom and Southeast Asia, major Las Vegas hotels and casinos, and production and studio facilities, office complexes, multi-family dwellings and shopping centers in North America, Europe and Asia.


  • Technology: Our senior professionals and technology advisors have served as senior executives for some of the world’s largest technology companies, such as Hewlett-Packard, Electronic Data System (now DXC Technology) and Digital Technologies, as well as some of its most innovative start-ups and have arranged investments and commercialization of technologies valued at many billions of dollars. Technology companies led or advised by our team, or in which are team has invested, include: alternative energy (wind, solar, biomass, geothermal); artificial intelligence; batteries and other energy storage technologies; big data; data distribution, management and storage; communications technologies; cyber-security, encryption and disaster recovery; food and water purification; genetic and other technologies related to agriculture and food; mobile applications and technologies; robotics; semiconductor applications; social gaming not requiring licenses; health and life sciences; nano- technologies; payment technologies; and waste management.


  • Energy and Natural Resources: Our senior professionals and executives of our strategic alliances have extensive experience as senior executives and advisors for substantial businesses engaged in oil and gas exploration, refining and distribution; oil rigs; alternative energy, including wind, solar and hydro; battery development and marketing; and mining and distribution of natural resources, including cobalt, copper, coltan, diamonds, gold and timber.


  • Blockchain: Our senior professionals, advisors and partners have provided strategic business advice to businesses that utilize or provide services relating to blockchain technology, but do not advise on digital token offerings.


We maximize achievable value by combining business experience and acumen with financial and legal expertise. We identify opportunities and impediments, resolve complex operating, legal, financial and structural dilemmas, create or acquire attractive businesses and divest non-core assets.


We work with investment bankers, entrepreneurs, law firms, accounting firms, institutional and individual investors, venture capitalists and operating businesses in North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Leveraging this broad international network, we focus on cross-border business opportunities and transactions.


We work with management teams and other stakeholders to:


  • Participate in businesses and business opportunities in which SMIG or members of our team or strategic alliances are founders, co-founders, officers or directors;


  • Advise public and private companies to achieve their strategic business goals, improve communications and enhance stakeholder value;


  • Advise public and private companies and institutional and affluent individual investors regarding business activities and investment banking transactions, including structuring and negotiating cross-border and domestic opportunities.


  • Participate in the formation of private equity and venture capital funds that aggregate investor capital for investment in diversified portfolios of developmental and operating businesses under professional management; and


  • Arrange strategic investments and private placements, generally pursuant to the exceptions to registration available under Regulations D and S promulgated under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended.


Activities in the United States for which a securities license is required generally are undertaken by SMI-CM, our wholly-owned U.S. investment banking subsidiary. SMI-CM is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Where appropriate,


SMIG also may engage or introduce other licensed broker-dealers to lead or participate in investment banking transactions.


Activities in the United States for which an investment advisor registration or license is required generally are undertaken by SMI Advisors, our investment advisor subsidiary registered in Washington. Where appropriate, SMI Group also may engage or introduce other registered investment advisors to participate in transactions.





Our senior professionals, including our officers, managing partners and senior advisors, have extensive experience as senior executives, investment bankers and counsel for some of the world’s best known corporations.


Our senior professionals have structured and closed transactions valued in excess of $50 billion, ranging from small placements under $5 million to high-profile mergers, privatizations and financings exceeding $1 billion in value.


As senior executives and principals, our chairman, other senior professionals and executives of our strategic alliances also have extensive experience leading multinational corporations and projects in a range of industries, including banking, consumer products, entertainment, media and technology.

Businesses and projects managed by our team have generated many billions of dollars in revenues and employed tens of thousands of employees.


As investment bankers and counsel, our professionals and executives of our strategic alliances have extensive experience in a wide variety of complex business transactions, including emerging growth, venture capital, real estate, turn-around, mature and special situations, including mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, follow-on offerings, secondary offerings, private placements, PIPEs, SPACs, reverse mergers, distressed situations, restructurings and turnarounds in the United States and for cross-border transactions.


Industries for which our professionals and executives of our strategic alliances have concluded multiple transactions include:  apparel, agriculture, alternative and traditional energy, beauty products, broadcasting, construction and infrastructure projects, consumer products, education, entertainment, finance, food products, gaming, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, media, medical devices, mining, publishing, real estate, technology and telecommunications.


Our senior professionals and executives of our strategic alliances have led or advised companies and projects with many billions of dollars of revenues and capital investment and tens of thousands of employees around the world. They have:


  • Led or served in other senior board and executive positions for multinational corporations, including Gartner Inc., Electronic Data Systems (now DXC Technology), Hewlett-Packard Company, Korn/Ferry International, MGM/UA Communications Co., Metro Traffic Networks and John Paul Mitchell Systems and numerous consumer products, entertainment, finance, media, technology, advertising and marketing companies and ventures primarily operating in North America, Europe or Asia;


  • Founded or co-founded and advised multiple start-up and development stage companies, typically focused on emerging technologies, through multiple rounds of initial and series rounds, private equity rounds, and exits; an


  • Acquired, developed, managed and sold many billions of dollars of real estate and real estate projects.


  • Advised innovative blockchain platforms on business opportunities.


Our senior professionals also have completed more than $50 billion in transactions as principals, senior executives, investment bankers, advisors or attorneys.


We also are supported by experienced advisors, associates and analysts and by our world-wide network of relationships.





We undertake principal and agent transactions. In principal transactions, we, our senior professionals or our strategic alliances have a material role in developing, founding or co-founding the business, business line or strategic alliance, or otherwise creating the business opportunity. In agent transactions, we advise and assist our clients as to business development, marketing, strategy or management, or we provide investment banking services to the client.


We apply proven business advisory, revenue enhancement and cost management capabilities across industry sectors, with dedicated expertise in broadcasting, consumer products, traditional and alternative energy, entertainment, gaming, healthcare, leisure, manufacturing, media, real estate, sciences and technology.


We do not create academic strategic plans for execution by others. Rather, we develop and implement specific plans intended to grow a company, even in troubled times.


SMI-CM focuses on investment banking activities for businesses formed by SMIG, our senior professionals, our strategic alliances and clients. SMI Advisors is focused on creating platforms for fund investments. However, we do not maintain client accounts, syndicate public offerings or provide services related to annuities, insurance, individual retirement accounts or other services typically provided by retail brokers.


The scope of our business is indicated by the breadth of transactions our senior professionals have led, structured, negotiated, or advised:


  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, ranging from a few million dollars to nearly $2 billion, including multiple transactions exceeding $1 billion.


  • Major restructurings and liquidations through prepackaged, prearranged and free-fall bankruptcies across a broad array of industries.


  • Structured finance transactions involving asset-based credit-linked instruments, including pooled financings for corporate issuers.


  • Complex cross-border tax-advantaged financings.


  • Complex domestic and cross-border joint ventures, intellectual property licenses and other commercial ventures.


  • Tax-advantaged and pooled investment vehicles for investments in motion picture production and distribution.


  • Funding and managing private equity and venture capital firms.


  • Identifying, financing, acquiring, developing, managing and profitably disposing of billions of dollars of real estate throughout North America and in cross-border transactions, including commercial, retail, residential, agriculture and hospitality, including for marquis properties such as MGM Grand, Bally’s, Desert Inn (now Wynn Hotel), Sands (now, the Venetian), Dunes (now Bellagio), Earls Court/Olympia and MITEC.


  • Advising regarding business transactions involving blockchain platforms and technology.


  • Financings ranging from a few million dollars to nearly $10 billion, including initial public offerings, follow-on offerings, secondary offerings, and public and private debt financings.