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Rudiger Beuttenmüller

Rudiger Beuttenmüller, SMIG Advisor (Germany), has more than 20 years of experience as an investor and investment banker, with a strong record arranging financing, management teams, mergers and public listings for a broad range of companies.  Since the collapse of the “new economy” bubble in 2000, Mr. Beuttenmüller has identified, structured and executed more than 50 public listings and financings in Germany and the United States, including in consumer products, business services and technology.  Among the senior executives Mr. Beuttenmüller participated in recruiting are executive management of Germany's phone manufacturer GIGASET, the former CTO of Deutsche Telekom and board members of H+R Wasag and ThyssenKrupp.


As CEO of Nordwert Beteiligungsgesellschaft GmbH in Hamburg, Mr. Beuttenmüller has arranged an aggregate of $800,000,000 in financing for companies based in Canada, China, Germany, Switzerland and the United States.  Mr. Beuttenmüller also led the restructuring of Leica Camera AG, the world's most innovative camera manufacturer, and its subsequent acquisition by Hermès; key financing for the Nicaraguan Canal and Development Project; and multiple waste management solutions in Latin America.


Mr. Beuttenmüller received his undergraduate degree in banking and then received his law degree from the University of Hamburg, Germany.  Mr. Beuttenmüller is a German citizen.  He is based in Hamburg and frequently travels in Europe and to the United States.